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PumpWorks 610

PumpWorks 610 manufactures centrifugal API 610 / ISO 13709 pumps for petroleum refinery, gas processing, oil processing, petrochemical, hydrocarbon and crude oil pipeline, offshore installations (platform) and aviation jet fueling. You’ll find our knowledgeable staff makes the development of your API 610 pump an enjoyable process and ensures your finished product meets or exceeds your exact specifications.

16 Week Delivery for API 610 Pumps

Pump Works 610

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Most pump OEM’s quote 25 to 40 weeks to deliver their API 610 compliant single and multistage pumps. By comparison, the PumpWorks 610 Model PWH and Model PWV standard lead times are 16 weeks or less.

On-Line Pump Selector Software

To assist you, PumpWorks 610 offers end users and specifiers our online ePOD Pump Selector software, which can quickly provide you with pump selection, performance curves, construction data sheet and pricing. PumpWorks 610 Manufactures API 610 11th edition type OH2 horizontal single stage pumps

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Member of Hydraulic Institute ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Pump Types

API 610 Horizontal Pump

11th edition OH2 single stage end suction process pump in API material class S-6 through D-2.
Model PWH


API 610 Vertical Pump

11th edition VS6 vertical turbine (can type) & VS1 vertical turbine (sump type) pump in API material class S-1 through A-8.
Model PWV


API 610 Multistage Pump

11th edition BB3 horizontal split case side suction, side discharge, between bearing pump in API material S-1 through D-2.
Model PWM


API 610 Retrofit

11th edition OH2 power end upgrade kit for all OEM pump brands.
Model PW-11


API 610 Vertical In-Line Pump

11th edition OH4 & OH3 Vertical in-line single stage pump in API material classes S-6, S-8 and C-6

Model PWI OH3 Model PWI OH4


API 610 Horizontal Pump

11th edition BB1 Horizontal single stage pump in API.
Model PWD

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Select and price your pump online with ePOD Electronic Pump On Demand (link)