PumpWorks 610 Introduces Industries Served Page


Pumpworks 610 Industries served pagePumpWorks 610 is pleased to announce the recent re-launch of its industries served page. The updated industries served page is designed to serve as a point of reference for industry professionals looking for application-specific pumps.

PumpWorks 610: Manufacturing API 610 Pumps for the Oil and Gas Industry

PumpWorks 610 is a solution provider of pump products and services, including surplus and remanufactured pumps. As the pump manufacturing division of Best PumpWorks, PumpWorks 610 focuses solely on the centrifugal API 610 / ISO 13709 pump market.

PumpWorks 610 manufactures a number of API 610 pumps for the oil and gas sector, including:

  • 11th edition single stage end suction overhung type OH2 pumps
  • 11th edition retrofit upgrade kits for all brands of horizontal single stage type OH2 pumps
  • 11th edition vertical turbine type VS6 (can/barrel) and type VS1 (open sump) pumps
  • 11th edition multistage split case side suction, side discharge between bearing type BB3 pumps

The Industries Served Page

The newly-launched industries served page includes detailed information on the industries and applications covered by each specific API 610 pump. PumpWorks 610 manufactures a wide range of API 610 pumps which can be used in a number of applications across a variety of industries, including:

  • Petroleum Refinery
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas Processing
  • Oil Processing
  • Offshore Installation
  • Hydrocarbon and Crude Oil Pipeline
  • Aviation

Additionally, the industries page focuses on specific applications within these industries that PumpWorks 610 manufactured pumps can be used for, including:

  • Distillation
  • Natural Gas Dehydration
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal
  • Pipeline Transmission
  • Jet Fueling
  • Alternative Fuel Creation
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

Our pump specialists can help you decide which pump or combination of pumps will best meet your specific application and industry needs. To learn more about the pumps manufactured by PumpWorks 610, call 1-888-405-0209 or complete our contact form.


PumpWorks 610 Introduces the API 610 Vertical Process Pump Model PWI-BB

PumpWorks 610 Introduces the API 610 Vertical Process Pump Model PWI-BB

API 610 Vertical Process Pump Model PWI-BB OH3PumpWorks 610 recently added the API 610 Vertical Process Pump Model PWI-BB OH3 to their extensive product list. The PWI-BB is a heavy duty bearing bracketed vertical in-line product pump. Applications include a wide range of services found in petroleum processing facilities, gas processing, petrochemical, offshore installations, hydrocarbon and crude oil terminal and aviation fueling.

Like the PumpWorks 610 Vertical Process Pump Model PWI OH4, the OH3 model has a vertical, compact and in-line design which eliminates the need for expensive base plates and saves space where floor is limited. Additionally, the PWI-BB model absorbs pump thrust through the pump bearings rather than depending on motor bearings, and so is able to assist in more rugged applications.

The PWI-BB Pump includes several other notable features such as:

  • Angular contact thrust bearings, which absorb thrust loads and exceed the API 610 life criteria of 25,000 hours
  • Scroll pumping ring, which moves oil from the high capacity oil sump to the upper thrust bearings
  • Fan cooling and finned hose, which ensures adequate heat dissipation at all speeds and a Viton Flinger, which maximizes oil coiling

The PWI-BB OH3 is a diverse pump which can be used in several specific applications, including:

  • Refinery Process Services
  • Off-site Hydrocarbon
  • Tank Transfer
  • Fuel Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Crude Oil
  • LPG
  • Water
  • Naptha
  • Kerosene
  • Rail Car Loading

The standard lead time for the PWI-BB OH3 pump is 16 weeks for API 610 material classes S-6, S-8 and C-6.

To learn more about the API 610 PWI-BB Vertical In-Line Single Stage OH3 Pumps manufactured by PumpWorks 610, download the PWI-BB Brochure, call 1-888-405-0209 or complete our contact form.