API 610 Pump Performance Testing Facility

If you have a pump that needs testing, contact PumpWorks 610 to hire out our testing facility.PumpWorks 610 provides optimal pump performance testing at our manufacturing plant in Tyler, Texas utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring and data collection software to test across the pump’s operating region. The 110,000 square feet facility is designed to provide performance and NPSHR tests in accordance with the latest edition of API 610.

We utilize custom designed PLC based automated pump testing software (APTS) that allows all system parameters to be monitored and controlled from a central control station, thus achieving and maintaining specific operating conditions. This enables data from calibrated precision electronic sensors to be collected and recorded for use in determining pump performance.

PumpWorks 610 also operate torque coupling to measure torque and speed at input shaft of the pump, therefore determining horsepower and efficiency.

Pump Performance Testing Facility
Pump Testing Equipment
Pump Testing Software
TYLER, TX: 5,000 square feet pump performance testing facility with testing equipment and software.

Pump Testing Equipment and Facility Capabilities

  • Test flow up to 7,500 gpm
  • Discharge pressure up to 2,000 psi
  • 16,000 gallon supply tank rated from full vacuum to 100 psi
  • 460 volt through 600 HP
  • 4,160 volt over 600 HP through 2,000 HP
  • Calibrated flow, pressure, vibration, torque, temperature and speed measuring equipment
  • Variable frequency drive for precise speed control through 600 HP @ 460 volts
  • Solid stage soft start for low impact motor starting over 600 HP through 2,000 HP @ 4,160 volts
  • Test motors through 2,000 HP
  • Calibrated magnetic flowmeters 2″, 6″, & 10″ monitor flow through 7,500 GPM
  • Three ranges of calibrated torque couplings provide data to calculate brake horsepower and efficiency. Precision speed measurement (RPM) collected with an advanced laser speed ring assembly
  • NPSHR test accomplished through the use of a vacuum pump
  • On-site electronic meteorological grade barometer provides data to accurately calculate NPSHR
  • Baseplate mounted units can be tested using job motor if horsepower rating is sufficient for testing with water
  • PumpWorks 610 test procedure based on API 610 criteria
  • Standards can be modified to meet specific customer requirements


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